Our Speakers & Panelists for Ultra 2022

Harry Akinola - Convener
Harry is the Global Head, Learning & Development At Puma Energy. He is a well sought after international speaker, author of 4 published books and an executive coach.

Harry is the convener of the Shift Conferences across Africa since 2009.

His life goal is to help people live excellent lives by recognizing, maximizing and capitalizing on their best strengths.

Enrique Rubio
Enrique is an HR, Tech and Future of Work expert and keynote speaker. He is also the founder of Hacking HR, a global learning community at the intersection of future of work, technology, business and organizations, with thousands of members of all over the world.

He is also one of the top 100 HR global influencers. Enrique is a guest author in several blogs about innovation, management and human resources. 

Sherifat Lawal Price
Sherifat is passionate about growing businesses and she has over 13 years of experience in the banking and financial service industry.

As a community bank leader and advocate, her mission is to provide financial tools and resources to all communities throughout the Greater Houston and Atlanta Metropolitan area.

~Key to relationship building, is to get people to know you, like you and trust you. ~

Jimi Tewe
Olujimi Tewe is a transformational specialist with almost two decades of experience garnered in HR consulting. Senior HR Management positions, Career & Executive Coaching and in providing be spoke learning interventions to organizations in varied industries.

He is the CEO of The Jimi Tewe Company, a human capacity development firm focused on providing effective people solutions to organizations across different industries. 

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Vivian Jokotade Adeniyi
Fondly known as “Jokotade” (JOE-KOH-TAH-DAY) is an international visual artist, creative entrepreneur, and speaker who inspires a global audience with her art, words, and voice.

She is a multi-passionate, global entrepreneur and presently the founder and CEO of NOTIQ.com, an impact-focused, lifestyle brand that celebrates and empowers the world's most ambitious women with its exclusive, fashion-forward line of personal planners, organizers, and animal-free leather goods designed to help women stand out, overcome overwhelm and succeed in a busy world. 

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